Parfumuri – acum si plata cu cardul

OnyxEst SRL, prin intermediul EuPlatesc.Ro în parteneriat cu Banca Comercială Română, vă oferă începând din luna aprilie posibilitatea să achitaţi cu cardul pentru toate produsele achiziţionate din magazinele noastre virtuale. Plata cu cardul oferă o protecţie virtuală suplimentară pentru toate produsele achiziţionate şi poate fi diferenţa între o achiziţie între un comerciant oarecare şi un […]



Travalo Excel travel perfumes in Romania

We just found out from one of our customers, that we are among the very few companies, if not the only one, delivering the leading brand of travel size perfumes: Travalo. We are always happy to be praised by our customers, and we hope that the New Year will bring both to us and our […]




Our contacts in the Middle East market date way back in the eighties. Starting with 1992 we have been importing leather clothing products from Pakistan and India through our specialized company RomPak Leather SRL, and in 1999 we created Onyx Est SRL to focus on Onyx and various other handicrafts products, most of them supplied as […]

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OnyxEst history in Romania

We are an import-export company operating in Bucharest / Romania for over 15 years. We have 8 sales points in Bucharest, and 6 more in major cities throughout Romania: Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu, Piatra-Neamt, Constanta and Tulcea. We are now expanding our regular business from handicrafts and gifts to cosmetic and fragrances. We will open a […]

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